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What to check if main ram cannot move forward? (SHBA2 series)

During regular operation, if the ram cannot move forward, the following test should be conducted to pinpoint the cause of downtime.

Record down the findings and send to SINOBALER for further analysis if necessary.

Check PLC on Auto-tie Baler
i) Check PLC – the Automatic Horizontal Baler is controlled by PLC

• The PLC output point for “ram forward” is Y0 and Y1. So please check these output points – the PLC output light will light up when the ram moves (refer to picture above).

• So if above PLC output lights are on, please check intermediate relay.

Check intermediate relay in electrical cabinet
ii) Check intermediate relay:

• The intermediate relay for “ram forward” is KA0 and KA1.  So check the intermediate relays for “ram forward” in electrical cabinet – the running light will light up when ram moves (refer to picture above).

• So if the above running lights are on, please check the valves.

Check valve on hydraulic baler
iii) Check valves:

• The valves for “ram forward” are 1DT and 4DT.  Check whether the forward light and overflow valve lights are on when the ram moves (refer to picture above).

• If both lights are on, refer to next step to check valve plug.

Check valve plug on hydraulic baler
iv) Check valve plug:

• The valve plug for “ram forward” is 4DT.  Check the valves plug on hydraulic system (as per picture above) by using a tool to push the valve plug when the ram can’t move forward.

• However, if the ram still does not move, please remove and clean the valve plug.