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Landfill Waste Baler Machine

What is landfill waste baler?
Such baler is for compressing landfill waste into dense bales. Recyling companies normally use big capacity balers to handle landfill. This is because landfill waste normally is in huge amount. When talking about landfill, we normally refer to municipal waste after taking away the reyclable part. Hence, landfill waste almost has no value of recycling. If not disposing it properly, it will severly pollute our environment. A baler therefore becomes very crutial during disposing landfill waste. It is becasue it can significantly reduce the volume of landfill waste. Transporting landfill in bales defintley is much less costly than transporting bulky waste.

What balers to choose for landfill?
Landfill contains various waste. Some are in small pieces and some are in relatively big pieces. That is, very random in shape, condition and size. If using a vertical baling machine, the tying numbers need more than usual. Otherwise the small items inside the bale will easily come out. If using a horizontal baler, we recommend a two ram horizontal baler. Because if using a single ram horizontal unit, the strapping slot will get jammed. Two ram unit doesn’t have strapping slot, so no jamming will occur.

Where to buy landfill waste baler?
Selecting a reliable supplier for the baler is too important. If buying a poor quality baler, you will have a lot of headache. There are many reputable baler suppliers in Europe and US. In China, Sinobaler is a leading company for balers. They are very experienced in building landfill waste balers. Sinobaler’s L type horizontal baler is splendid for handling landfill waste. The productivity can reach up to 20 tons per hour. And the tying system is also from branded supplier.

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