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Large Bale Machine vs Small Bale Machine

Large bale machine and small bale machine, which one is more suitable for you?

SINOBALER has both large and small bale machine for different options. Almost each baling material has many bale size options. In most cases, bale size is not the key factor in determining the exact baler. Generally speaking, customers focus on the output and the baler machine investment profit return. Bale size are flexible. So when you consider the bale size, optimum baling efficiency and maximum loading capacity are main concerns. If you have large amount of materials needed to compress, large bale machine with fully automatic operation will be preferable due to its high efficiency and easy handling. If you have little material to compress, small bale machine with manual operation is preferable due to the lower price and easy operation. But in some particular industries, bale sizes are almost fixed. So you just go for the confirmed bale size baler.

Large bale machine and small bale machine for typical material OCC

In SINOBALER, you can have large OCC bale with size L adjustable * W1100 * H1100mm and the estimated bale weight can be up to 1200kgs varying by adjustable length. You can also have small OCC bale with size L600*W400*H(200-500)mm and the estimated bale weight is up to 40kgs varying by the adjustable bale height. For same bale size, loading more material or increasing high compressing force will produce higher density which can make higher bale weight. For OCC, higher density bales is better since truck or container can have maximum loading and transportation cost can be much saved. Also you can save maximum storage space. The typical OCC small bale machine in SINOBALER is mini baler and mill size baler. The typical OCC large bale machine is single-ram fully automatic horizontal baler and manual-tie horizontal baler.

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