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Large Cardboard Baler Machine

Corrugated cardboard is a readily recyclable material which already has mature markets for processing and manufacturing. Of course, you should make sure it is not waxed, wet and soiled because such kind of cardboard is not recyclable. Nowadays cardboard recycling is in a world cycle. From cardboard waste collection to new products with secondary cardboard, many people and organizations are involving in the whole recycling process. Because cardboard recycling can earn a good profit for each step of the process. For many large recycling centers, they prefer to have a large cardboard baler machine for efficient and labor cost effective running.

Large cardboard baler machines in cardboard recycling

Recycled cardboard is a high quality material which can be available for many packaging products. Also cardboard can have many times recycling without losing its strength. From cardboard recycling center to paper mills, cardboard transportation cost is an important factor to decide such kind of recycling is profitable or not. Since large cardboard baler machine is a perfect way to compact cardboard into high density bales without destroying the quality of cardboard, it is a must-have cardboard size reduction machine for recycling centers during the storage and transportation period. How to choose the right cardboard baler to suit the recycling demand? Baler capacity, bale size and weight, and financial budget are three main concerns when it is a baler purchase requirement.

Large cardboard balers in SINOBAELR

SINOBAELR has several large cardboard baler machines for your consideration. Our top line of L-type two ram automatic baler can achieve the output of OCC about max.18 tons per hour. Both single ram fully automatic baler and L-type two ram automatic baler are ideal cardboard baling solutions for large amount of cardboard. So send SINOBALER your own cardboard baling requirements today to find the best suitable machine now.

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