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LDPE Baler Machine / LDPE Film Baling Machine

What is LDPE?

Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) is the most common type of plastic sheeting. LDPE is very flexible. Color is natural milky or translucent. The impact strength is high and impact resistance is good. Both chemical resistance and water vapor barrier are good. Stress crack is good but gas barrier is poor. The density is 0.910–0.940 g/cm3. LDPE is used quite widely in construction, agriculture, surface protection applications, covers of all sorts, tarps and much more. How to deal with the LDPE scrap? of course LDPE recycling is the best solution. Some LDPE recycling machines like LDPE baler are good help in whole recycling process.


LDPE recycling

Plastic packaging clearly can deliver more goods with significantly less waste, energy use, and global warming potential. Many LDPE made packaging products scraps like bottles, containers, lids and caps are collected for recycling. Flexible LDPE bags and wraps are also collected. Hence the rate of recycling is growing. When LDPE is recycled, it is given new life to live on as other useful products like shipping envelopes, garbage can liners, floor tile, paneling, furniture, compost bins, trash cans, landscape timber and outdoor lumber etc. As a result, LDPE recycling reduces energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. Recycling really helps to create more and better jobs than landfill.


LDPE baler machine in LDPE recycling

LDPE scraps are recyclable and can be converted into a wide variety of products. How to make whole LDPE recycling more efficient and cost effective? LDPE baler machine is a good baling solution in LDPE recycling. Because it can compress large amount of LDPE scraps into tight bales. The compacted LDPE scraps are in square and dense bales. LDPE baling press machine helps to save cost in transportation and storage during LDPE recycling.


SINOBALER LDPE baler machines

SINOBALER has several types of LDPE waste baler machines in our plastic baler product range. Vertical LDPE baler or horizontal LDPE baler, manual LDPE baler or fully automatic LDPE baler, you decide!


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