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Leather Baler Machine

Leather baler is a compacting machine which is widely used in leather recycling. The main function of leather baler is that it can make the loose leather scraps into a complete tight bale. Then it is convenient to deliver and ready for the next recycling process. It is an indispensable and critical step in the leather recycling.


Why we need leather baler for leather recycling?

Leather is a durable and flexible material which can be used to make various kinds of goods, such as shoes, hats, jackets, skirts, trousers, and belts etc. These leather products normally durable and expensive but they will be thrown way easily if they are out of date. If this kind of waste leather product cannot be handled well, it will cause great damage to our environment. It not only does harm to the solid, river and plant etc. on the surface of earth, but also does harm to the groundwater.

The finished product of leather will pollute the environment. Also the process of making the leather products produces large amounts of solid organic wastes which threats the environment. If these solid wastes are not properly treated and disposed of, they have the same bad influence on the environment.

Baling the leather waste is the very first step of leather recycling. It helps to collect all the leather scraps together for centralized treatment. The leather baler greatly improves the working efficiency, and also saves times and cost.


How to recycle leather waste at home?

Leather baler is a specialized leather waste recycling machine and it normally is used in professional recycle plant. But leather waste exists in many aspects of our lives. Everyone makes leather waste. For example, if you do not like your belt and want to throw it, there will be leather waste. How we reuse the leather by ourselves? Here is an idea. For example, make leather crafts. We can use the waste leather to make leather flowers, and leather photo frame etc. to decorate our home.


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