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Lemon Peel Baler Machine

What is lemon peel? Lemon peel is the yellow colored outer skin of lemon fruit. We also know that lemons contain lots of vitamins and minerals. As a matter of fact, lemon peels contain 5 to 10 times more vitamins than lemon juice, because the peel is where the essential oils of the fruit reside, it retains robust flavor, even when dried. Lemon peel has many usages and baling lemon peel makes handling much easier. This is why you need a lemon peel baler.

What are the uses of lemon peel? 

Lemon peels can be available for many different things. Because lemon peel is excellent for use in dressings, salads, tea, yogurt, vegetables, fish, cocktails, and other drinks. Ii is particularly good for chicken and fish and it’s simple to make too. Lemon peel is typically used in baked goods like muffins, cakes and cheesecakes. Besides the application for food and drinks, lemon peel can also be available for skincare, and even for cleaning.

Why baling lemon peel? 

Lemon peel is usually cut into small pieces or even granules, so it is not easy to handle or transport. A baling machine can help compress the small sized lemon peel in loose status into compact and regularly shaped blocks, greatly facilitating storage and reducing transportation costs.

Lemon peel baling machine from SINOBALER

Bagging balers from SINOBALER are popular in making bagged bales for small and loose materials like lemon peel. There are totally three types of bagging balers available for baling and bagging lemon peel, Vertical Bagging Baler, Heavy Duty Horizontal Bagging Baler and Scale Weighing Horizontal Bagging Baler. All of them share the same working theory. Also these machines have two hydraulic cylinders/rams. One is for compressing loose material, the other is for ejecting compressed material into plastic bag. In case, you requires large capacity requirement, our fully automatic balers are the best to go. So there are various models available under each type for making different sized bale with different weight. Contact us and our sales representative will recommend you the optimal lemon peel baler for your specific needs.

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