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Light Duty Baler Machine

It is easily to understand that light duty baler refers to the small size balers which has small footprint or frame, less power driven requirement for small scale of material compressing purpose. Generally speaking, it is a vertical single ram baler or small mobile horizontal baler. But light duty baling machine still has a broad of applications in different materials. So it is quite popular in some field or industries all over the world.

Light duty baler vs heavy duty baler

– Cost

Compared to heavy duty baler, light duty baler is much more cost effective in purchasing price. Take mini baler for example, it only cost about USD5000 or less while a fully automatic heavy duty baler can reach at least USD50000 which is ten times equivalent to the purchase cost of mini balers.

– Footprint and height requirement for installation facility

Normally light duty baling machine requires little footprint and limited height requirement. That means almost footprint and height is not a problem for installation even it is on vessels. But heavy duty baler may have problems for installation. Vertical heavy duty baler may have height problems such as tire baler or cotton baler. Also large heavy duty horizontal baler may have footprint problem.

– Flexibility in movement

Light duty baling machine is easy for movement since its weight can be less than 1000KGS. For some horizontal baler such as SINOBALER scale weighing baling and bagging machine, it has wheels installed especially for easy movement.

– Applications

Heavy duty baler has a bit wider applications than light duty baler. Because for some tough, hard or high rebound materials, it requires high power and compressing force for baling. For example, scrap tires and metal materials.

– Capacity

It is obvious to know that the capacity of heavy duty baler is much higher than that from light duty baler. So high investment has better returns.

– Bale density for same materials

For same baling materials, high power and compressing force makes higher density in bales. So heavy duty baler has higher density in bales.

SINOBALER light duty baling machines

SINOBALER has a complete line of balers from light duty to heavy duty. Mini baler is the typical light duty baler in vertical baler product range. And scale weighing baler is the typical light duty baler in horizontal baler product range. So just let us know your baling requirements today.

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