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Linen Baler Machine

What’s linen? Linen is a woven fabric made from the fibers of the flax plants. Linen fabric is much stronger than cotton and dries at a much faster rate. It also hold dye colors better than some other materials. Linen is most common material in clothing. Because people like its lightweight, exceptional coolness and freshness in hot and humid weather. It is also common in home. You can find linen in curtains, tablecloths, napkins, and bed sheets etc. Linen baler is a compressing machine to reduce the size of linen in handling and transportation.

Linen baler or linen baling machine

For economical and efficient storage and transportation, linen fabrics should be pressed and packed properly. Mostly with the common type of balers, the bales produced are simply tied up with plastic strap or steel wire. The balers do not have the function of packing the whole bale with a plastic bag. But when we need to bale linen fabric, it is necessary to pack the compressed bale in plastic bags or sheet so as to prevent the material from getting wet or stained during transportation and storage handling. The main feature of a typical linen baling machine is that it is with the function of packing the bale in plastic bags or wrapping the bale with plastic sheet.

Linen balers from SINOBALER

There are two series of SINOBALER’s baling presses machines for lien baling purpose. One is the horizontal type of baler and the other is the vertical type of baler.

If you are baling linen in small sized bales, then you can choose from our horizontal bagging balers. This type of baler utilizes two cylinders, one is for compression, the other is for ejection, the compressed bale will be directly pushed out into plastic at the outlet. If you need heavier and bigger bales, then vertical baler is a good solution, there are lifting chamber balers as well as four door opening balers available. With these two type balers, when pressing linen, you need to cover the bottom and platen of machine with a plastic bag or sheet. Then you feed the linen into the machine. When the bale is ready, you need to pull up/down the plastic bag/sheet on the bottom and platen to make sure the whole bale is well wrapped up and then further tie up the wrapped bale.

SINOBALER offers optimal baling solution for you. Our team will analyze your specific baling needs and present the most suitable proposal. So contact us for your baling solution. 

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