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Low Capacity Baler Machine

Baler capacity is the essential factor to determine the size of baler you need to choose. Different capacity balers range from mini vertical baler to large fully automatic horizontal baler. So the financial budget between low capacity baler and high capacity baler has very big difference. Low capacity balers feature with small footprint and easy to handle. Normally they can produce lightweight bales with one button operation. Some of them are further easy to move if your installation place are changed from one to another. The primary materials that they can bale are cardboard, paper, plastic wrap, plastic film, used clothes or rags etc.

What are low capacity baler machines for each application? Below are some typical examples in SINOBALER baler range:

  1. Cardboard and paper waste

For some convenience stores, supermarket or internal management facilities, they only have small amount of baling requirement from their internal waste. So a low capacity cardboard or paper baler is the best choice since it is in low cost and requires small footprint. As such, Mini baler or low compressing force mill size baler is the preferable option since these balers are very easy to operate.

  • Hollow plastic bottles or containers

For hollow plastics such as plastic packaging, PET bottles and other drink cans, long stroke vertical baler is the ideal solution for low capacity baling requirement.

  • Textile waste

For small bales of clothing or textiles, low capacity lifting chamber vertical balers and scale weighing horizontal baling and bagging machines are the optimal solutions. So it is quite suitable for small textile recycling plants or textile manufacturing facilities. These two balers can both bag the bales with plastic or woven bags.

Many low capacity balers are also versatile balers who can handle a variety of materials. They have lower operation cost and long service life because they have easy access to motor, pump and all controls for general maintenance.

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