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Low Downtime Baler Machine

What is low downtime baler?

As we all know that, downtime refers to the time of the machine is out of action or unavailable for use. So the low downtime baler refers to the kind of baler which is with features of high quality and stability. In other words, low downtime baling press machine does not go wrong easily or gets into problems easily. So the low downtime baling machine has longer service time and runs more stably.

Low downtime baler machines in SINOBALER

Generally speaking, the balers from SINOBALER are all with the feature of low downtime. No matter the vertical balers like Mill Size Baler, Long Stroke Baler, Mini Baler, Lifting Chamber Baler or the horizontal baler like Automatic Horizontal Baler, Briquetting Baler, Manual -tie Horizontal Baler, they are all low downtime machine. SINOBALER’S baler machines are normally made of high quality material and use the top branded components, such as Siemens motor, Schneider electrical parts, Mitsubishi PLC, etc. Quality always come to the first. SINOBALER pays a lot of attention to quality control in every process of production. SINOBALER has very strict quality control and operation process from purchasing the raw materials, processing , assembly to the procedures of shipment. The pursuit of high quality let SINOBALER enjoys very high reputation in the machinery industry.

The low downtime baling press machine which manufactured by SINOBALER normally does not have serious problem during the long time use. You just need to replace some wear parts after long time use. The body of the low downtime baling machine is very strong and it can last for more than ten years. The low downtime baling machine which manufactured by SINOBALER are built complying with European safety standard. And CE Certificate is available. You can rest assures about the operation safety. The low downtime baler will save you a lot of cost in repairing and maintaining.

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