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Low Profile Baler Machine

What is low profile baler?

Low profile baler refers to the baling press machine which it fits installed under a standard ceiling and also can produce relatively high yield. Such baler almost is in vertical type and it allows you to use in very low profile operational area. Thus you do not need a large place to install this kind of baler. Although the size of the low profile baling machine is not large, but the output of it is not low. Generally speaking, when you are looking for a baler with limited installation space, and you also require high capacity of the machine, this low profile baling machine will be the perfect choice. Also this baler can bale various kinds of materials such as cartons, plastic films, PET bottles, aluminum cans, textile, cardboard, papers, etc. The extensive application makes this baler popular in many industries and locations.

Low profile baler in SINOBALER

SINOBALER almost covers all kinds of balers in different industrial areas. Whatever min baler, heavy duty baler or low profile baler, you can always find a suitable baling machine in our versatile baler product range.

SINOBALER Mill Size Baler is one of the very typical low profile baling machines. Also the mill size baler has several different models with different sizes and press forces. There are two main press force for this baler, 30 tons and 50 tons. As we all know that, if the compress chamber size of the baler is same, the higher press the higher bale density. So you are looking for higher bale density, you can choose the 50 tons baler.

The maximum dimension of mill size baler is Length 1960* width 1050*Height 3810 mm and it is only approx. 8 CBM. The minimum size of the mill size baler is approx. 3.5 CBM. So the low profile baling machine takes up very little space compared with other baling machines.

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