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Lusern Baler / Lucerne Baler

Lucerne is suitable for naturally alkaline and free-draining soils. It is much better suitable for the production of silage for daily cows, cattle or sheep. For specialist use it may be made into hay for the equine market which is alfalfa. Lucerne cutting, raking and baling are the three important process. Lusern baler or lucerne baler is the right machine for baling purpose.


Why people grow lucerne?

There are many benefits to grow lucerne.

  1. – High quality feed

Lucerne contains rich protein content which ranges from 15-22%. Common grasses normally is less than 12%. So protein content in lucerne is higher than common grasses. It can fully meet animals’ dairy requirement of 16-20%. Also lucerne is rich in vitamins and minerals.

  1. – Flexibility in use

Lucerne can be easily conserved as hay or silage form. So it is well stored during seasons of plenty.

  1. – Soil fertility improvement

Lucerne is the legume which can help to fix atmospheric nitrogen into soil and improve soil fertility for long term.

  1. – Good harvest all-year long

Lucerne harvest can be 2 or 3 times on average in a rainy season. If it is under regular rainfall or constant irrigation, over 6 harvests annually can be available. Each harvest can yield 1.5-3 tons which depends on region, weather, growth stage and maintenance level.

  1. – Long lasting

Lucerne can last for many years after establishment.

  1. – Impressive adaptation to tropical conditions

Lucerne has a deep root system and can survive at low rainfall period.


Cutting, raking and baling lucerne hay

Cutting: the number of cuts depends on the variety and weather. Normally more cuts in summer as it grows quickly. On average 7 cuts is available in a season.

Raking: how long did you leave the crop to dry for? Normally it takes 5 days to dry and its raked 2 or 3 times.

Baling: When lucerne is dry enough, baling can begin. Baling work should be care and make efforts to retain the maximum amount of leaves which has the nutritional value.


Lucerne baler or lusern baler in SINOBALER

SINOBAELR has both vertical lusern balers and horizontal lucerne balers in product range. Contact us now to get the most suitable lucerne baling machine for your own requirements.


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