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Material Recovery Facility Baler Machine

What does Material Recovery Facility do?

All kinds of waste materials are collected in material recovery facility(MRF). The main task of material recovery facility is to sort out recyclable materials into different categories for further waste recycling for each material. Then a material recovery facility baler is to compact each recyclable material into high density bales for easy handling and cost saving in transportation.

How to separate recyclable materials in MRFs?

A complete solution for sorting out different kind of materials is quite important. After collecting all kinds of materials from various haulers, all the materials will be loaded onto a conveyor for manually removing contamination purpose. Normally cardboard and paper are the first recyclables to be sorted out. Then magnets can pick up the metals such as steels cans and other magnetic metals.

Eddy current from steel drawing can repel aluminum and other non-ferrous metals into a separate bin. The density blower then can separate glass bottles and jars from other plastics through the jet air stream. The heavier glass has to be hammered or grinded into cullet. Finally optical laser sorts out the remaining plastic into the right bin. Now six main recyclable materials include cardboard and paper, steel, aluminum, glass and plastic are sorted out from waste stream. The material recovery facility balers come to work. They compress each materials and create high density bales for them. Each recyclable material will be delivered to right recycling facilities for further processing to new manufacturing products.

SINOBALER material recovery facility baler

Normally MRF has medium or large amount of waste materials for baling. So horizontal balers which can be equipped with conveyor belt are ideal options in this case. Manual-tie horizontal baler, fully automatic baler and L-type two ram automatic baler are the right machine to go. From our past experience, automatic baler is the most popular one for potential customers because it is more labor cost saving and efficient. We can also carry out baler installation and on-site training. Contact SINOBALER today.

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