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Metalized Film Recycling

Chip is a kind of quite popular snack food especially with children. And we know its package mostly is made of metalized film. But do you know why using metalized film to pack the chips and if it is recyclable? Metalized film recycling actually is necessary and we should learn to recycle these metalized film from now on.

Not only chips, a lot of other food are packed by metalized films, for example, coffee, candy, cookie, etc. Metalized films are widely utilized for food package owing to its many advantages which can protect the food well, like moisture permeability, chemical stability, impermeability, shading, and fragrance protectiveness.

This film is thin and of high toughness, and is combined with plastic layer and metal layer. Normally the plastic is PP or PET, and the metal is aluminum. These metalized films are recyclable and should be recycled to reduce the pollution. Because it is non-biodegradable. If we end them in the landfill, it will cause great harm to the soil, affecting the sustainable use of the land. If the abandoned waste metalized films on road or ocean are eaten by the animals, it will cause animal death. Such case has already happened in our life.

But some things need to be considered before metalized film recycling.

Firstly, although the material most commonly used for metalized film are PP or PET and aluminum, it could possibly contain other materials of plastic and metal. You’d better check the exact type or material first.
Secondly, you need to check the proportion of the plastic and metal taking respectively. Because not all the metalized film contains the same percentage of the plastic and metal. Such proportion value will affect how the film will be recycled.
Thirdly, the metalized film is very light in weight. Accumulating to big quantity and using baler to compact into dense bales to reduce the size is an essential step to save transportation and storage cost.

SINOBALER provides a wide range of baling machine that can be used for baling different types of metalized film, from vertical baler to horizontal baler, from manual baler to automatic baler. Choosing which type of baler depends on your volume of waste metalized film. Also it depends on your required bale size and bale weight.

To learn more about baling machine to reduce your waste metalized films, contact Sinobaler today or visit Sinobaler’s site at

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