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Microfiber Cloth Baler Machine

What is microfiber and its applications?

It is no wonder microfiber is really small synthetic fiber, because it is only 1 denier or less. For easy understanding, you can imagine it is only 1/100 the diameter of a human hair and 1/20 the diameter of a strand of silk. The common raw material of microfibers are polyamides such us nylon, polyesters, or a conjugation of polyester, polypropylene and polyamide. Microfiber fabric is quite popular for athletic wear and making some accessories such us wallets, handbags, shoes, cell phone cases, and backpacks etc. Also it is widely used in cleaning products, basketballs, insulation and other solutions. When large amount of microfiber cloths are stacking, how to make them easy for transportation, storage and movement? A microfiber cloth baler machine is quite good solution to help in compressing materials into square pressed bales.

Microfiber cloth baler machines in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has a variety of baling press machines ready for compacting microfiber cloths. So from manual baler to fully automatic baler, or from vertical baler to horizontal baler, you can always find a best suitable microfiber cloth baler in our product range. Here we introduce some typical cloth balers for easy reference:

Single chamber lifting chamber baler is cost effective and the most common vertical balers for baling cloths. You can achieve baling and packaging in one machine, because you can lift the chamber for convenient packaging.

Swivel twin lifting chamber baler is more efficient machine due to its twin chamber feature. So it is easy to understand that you can feed material in one chamber and compressing material in the other chamber at the same time.

L-type two ram fully automatic baler is ideal for large amount of microfiber baling and compacting. By working together with material feeding conveyor, you can achieve fully automatic operation from material feeding to bale exit. So this is quite efficient and labor saving.

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