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Milk Carton Baler Machine / Milk Carton Baling Machine

Many people have a good habit that they prefer to drink a cup of milk prior to going to bed. Or they like to drink milk during breakfast. Paper cartons, glass jars and plastic jugs are three popular milk packaging materials. How to dispose the large amount of milk cartons scrap? Hence milk carton recycling is what we should do. Milk carton baler machine or milk carton baling machine is the important size reduction machine in whole milk carton recycling.


What are milk cartons?

Milk cartons are made of paperboard covered with a thin layer of food-safe polyethylene plastic on both paper sides. We can call this material as liquid paperboard (LPB) which is constructed from cardboard with layers of plastic. Refrigerated milk carton and shelf-stable milk carton are most common. Shelf-stable milk cartons also have a thin layer of aluminum foil on the package inside for long-life product purpose. Anyhow, paperboard makes up the largest proportion in milk cartons. The material LPB is very popular in foods packaging like milk, juices, creams, custard, detergents, sauces and soups.


How to recycle milk cartons?

When collecting the large amount of milk cartons, you can compress them into tight bales for easy transportation and storage. The paper mills receive the compacted bales and then will turn them into new products. Cartons are valuable material to make products like paper towel, tissue and even building materials. Carton is a renewable resource which will not be depleted if it is managed well. Luckily milk carton recycling can ensure milk cartons stay out of local landfill or incinerator.


Milk carton baler machine in SINOBAELR

Milk carton baler machine or milk carton baling machine can be mini baler or vertical mill size baler. Or it can be manual tie horizontal baler or even fully automatic horizontal baler. SINOBALER offers a complete line of milk carton baler machines to cover different level of output purpose. Just send us your unique milk carton baling needs. Our professional sales team will recommend the most suitable milk carton baler machine for you within one working day.


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