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Milk Powder Can Baler Machine

What is milk powder can baler?
Milk powder can baler is for compressing loose milk power cans into bales. We use this machine when we need to recycle milk powder cans, as it helps a lot with reducing the volume of empty cans. Milk powder cans are mainly made of aluminum alloy and iron. With the metal sheetl, it can well protect the milk powder from moisture weather. Hence, majority of milk powder manufacturers choose this type of package.

What does a milk powder can baler do?
There are mainly two sizes of milk powder can, 400g and 900g. 900g is the most common size of 127mm in diameter and 161mm in height. Due to the high hardness, it is not easily to crush or squeeze the cans manually. But a baling machine can crush them easily. With a baler, it can crush the mil powder cans into flat metal discs with only 20-30 seconds. Moreoever, the machine can crush many pieces of metal cans together in the same time.

How to choose a proper milk powder can baler
SINOBALER has various types of balers that can bale milk power cans. The most common type for handling milk powder cans is vertical baler. Considerthat the the cans are hard, we usually suggest choosing pressure force of 50T or more when buying a baler for crushing milk powder cans.

Sinobaler has many models of balers that are suitble for handling milk powder cans. For example, Mill Size Baler, Long Stroke Baler, Heavy Duty Dual-ram Baler, etc. These balers use top grande steel and components to ensure splendid performace. It is also very easy to operate the machines. Basically, you can operate the machine by simpling pressing buttons.

All Sinobaler’s milk powder can balers follow CE directives and own CE Certificate, very safe to operate. Here are some safety features of the machine. 1. The compressing ram won’t get activated if any door is not closed 2. Wiring conforms to IP2X standard, so fingers cannot get in touch with the live lines.

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