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Mill Size Baler Machine

Mill size baler machine is a hydraulic industrial down stroke baler. It makes dense and recycle-ready bales. So you can send these bales directly to paper mills for further recycling. Mill size balers are normally medium size vertical baler machines. It can produce 60-500 kg bale weight for OCC. Of course, sometimes a 650kg OCC bale is also possible for some manufacturers.


Why you need a mill size baler?

Vertical mill size baler is ideal for baling cartons, film. corrugated cardboard (OCC), ONP, OMG, office waste, plastics, PET bottles and other packaging materials. This baler can greatly save your cost in transportation and storage because it can compress large volume loose materials into dense bales. It makes cardboard and other packaging material recycling easy and efficient. Also it reduces the waste to landfill and recyclers can earn money from recycling.


The features of mill size baler machine

Mill size balers have many typical features. So they are one of the most popular vertical balers in the worldwide. This baler has great compaction rate and sometimes it can be up to 90% compaction. Normally it is in manual door operation but hydraulic driven chamber door is optional. China bale ejector or even automatic bale ejection is available. Bale height is adjustable. The extra long piston stroke and large door opening allow for large volume material loading.


Mill size balers in SINOBALER

The standard mill size balers are one of the most popular down stroke balers in SINOBALER product range. These baler machines are standalone vertical baling machines. SINOBALER has two standard models SVBS2-300 and SVBS2-500 for this baler. Take OCC for example, bale size can be from 800*600*(400~900)mm to 1520*760*(450~1120)mm and baler weight can be from 60 kg to 450kg. The waste volume reduction rate can up to 8:1. The robust design and market leading build quality ensure many years of reliable operation. Inquiry now for your own mill size balers from SINOBALER. View shredders.