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Mini Balers For Sale

Many people know mini baler as mini hay baler. Here we talk about the hydraulic mini balers for sale in non-agriculture areas. These mini balers are popular in some small facilities with limited space. Or it is ideal for someone who just start new business.


Why mini balers for sale are popular?

Mini balers are normally in small size and they are very suitable for limited space locations. One of the most popular location is the vessel. Effective onboard waste handling offers environmental, financial and operational benefits. Global vessel waste management regulations have stringent environmental requirements. People around the world are making efforts to minimize the impact of their activities on the marine environment. Mini balers are popular as marine balers. Each vessel should equip with a vessel baler for internal waste management. For some dry waste like plastic, wood, cardboard and paper, glass and metal (such as aluminium), marine baler is a good baling solution to minimize the size of these waste. The volume reductions minimize the amount of storage space required onboard and reduce landing and disposal cost onshore. The bales are easy for transportation and storage.


Also mini baler is quite popular to someone who has internal waste management with small baling needs and space limitations. Mini baler can handle many kind of waste materials like plastic bottles, textiles waste, and cardboard and paper waste etc. So it is your good help in waste size reduction and movement.


Mini balers for sale in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has mini balers for sale in our standard baler product range. Normally we will have some stock mini balers for immediate delivery needs. Our SVB2-S series mini baler has three standard models SVBS-S-100, SVBS-S-150 and SVBS-S-200. Take OCC for example, the bale weight can be from 20kgs to 120kgs. The baler machine weight is from 600kgs to 1000kgs. The baler machine size is from 1050*720*2250mm to 1250*920*2650mm. Contact SINOBALER for your own mini balers.


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