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Mini Hay Baler For Sale

For Pet food and supplies company, it is quite efficient if they can use a baling machine to produce bagged hay in certain weight like 2 kgs size. So mini hay baler for sale is the ideal solution for those chopped hay.


Type of mini hay baler for sale in the market

Mini hay baler machine in the market can be classified into two types. One is for unchopped hay baling. The other is for choppped hay baling. The most popular mini hay baler for unchopped hay baling is mini round baler. This mini hay baler is applicable for bunding hay and grass, rice straw, wheat straw and alfalfa etc. Then the most popular mini hay baler for chopped hay baling is baling and bagging machine. This machine is ideal for baling small and loose materials like chopped hay, wood shavings, sawdust, rice husk, and leaves etc. You can put a plastic bag at the exit of bale and bag the bale in one machine.

Chopped mini hay baler machines in SINOBALER

SINOBALER offers several type of mini hay baler machines for chopped hay. Both vertical and horizontal baling and bagging machine are ideal options. If you do not have enough space for a horizontal type baling and bagging baler, our vertical baling and bagging baler is the right choice to go. If you need a scale to make sure the same bale weight, scale weighing baling and bagging machine is the best choice.

Take model SHB1-SW-50 for example, it can make approx. 5-7kg bale when baling rags, and approx. 2-3kg when baling hay. So it is the ideal choice for Pet food and supplies company. Take model SHB1-WS-400 for example, for baling chopped silage of about 50% humidity rate into 25kgs per bale, our horizontal bagging baler model SHB1-WS-400 is perfect. This model has two options, and the two options only differ in machine running speed (productivity). Option A can make 50-60bales per hour, while Option B makes 100-120 bales per hour.


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