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Mixed Plastic Automatic Baler Machine

Plastic is very common and familiar to us because it is around our lives everywhere. But most plastic products have very short life cycle. So it is growing important for waste recycling due to the rising cost of waste disposal alongside increasing public demand for more efficient and environmentally sound ways of diverting waste from landfill. Mixed plastic is the common status during the plastic waste collection period. So mixed plastic waste recycling requires a complete line of different recycling machines including mixed plastic automatic baler , shredder and granulator for efficient and labor cost saving work.

Mixed plastic automatic baler machine in plastic recycling

Sorting by category normally is the initial step of the waste recycling. For mixed plastic products, valuable plastic sorting like PET and HDPE is the start of process. After picking up PET or HDPE from the mixed plastic, separate PET and HDPE waste recycling line will be available to achieve final new plastic raw materials. The rest mixed plastic products will be baled through a mixed plastic automatic baler for further sorting and processing. So mixed plastic automatic baler can perfectly solve the large amount of mixed plastic storage and transportation problem. Also it saves much cost and enhance the workshop safety.

Mixed plastic automatic balers in SINOBALER

SINOBAELR has two kinds of fully automatic balers for baling plastics. One is single ram automatic baler and the other is L-type two ram automatic baler. Both of them are ideal to bale large amount of plastic waste into dense bales in an efficient and labor cost saving way. The main difference between them is the wire tie system. Single ram auto baler uses traditional wire threading and twisting construction, while L-type two ram auto baler uses flexible wire tie system which can avoid the common problems from wire threading and twisting. Also this flexible wire tie system is in good performance and reliability, less downtime and can reduce baling cost.

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