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Molded Fiber Baler Machine

What is molded fiber?

Molded fiber also popular as molded pulp actually is a paper based material and it is made from 100% recycled newspaper and water. There are thousands of molded fiber package products in the market and they become more and more popular. For example, carryout food containers, cups, bowls, plates, milk cartons, trays, industrial or engineered packaging for electronics, household items, and vehicle parts etc. Molded fiber products recycling makes great sense to all environment, economy and natural resource. And molded fiber baler is an efficient compacting machine to reduce the volume of molded fiber during the handling and transportation.

Molded fiber balers in molded fiber products recycling

Most of these molded fiber products are produced from waste paper and other natural fibers. So they are recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. Molded fiber baler is the necessary size reduction machine to deliver molded fiber products to paper mills or other manufacturing facilities. Baling molded fiber can reduce transportation and storage costs because it requires less space to transport and store. High density and rectangle shape bales are much easier for handling than the molded fiber products in loose status.

SINOBALER molded fiber baler

Molded fiber baling machines are capable of handling and baling high density molded fiber in different level capacity. SINOBALER provides several great choices for baling molded fiber efficiently. Heavy duty dual ram baler, manual-tie horizontal baler and fully automatic horizontal baler are all good options. For large horizontal baler, the large feeder hopper design allows steel wire conveyor or belt conveyor for automatic material feeding. Also automatic horizontal baler is operating with minimal labor and maximum output performance. So recycling companies can generate maximum revenue from molded fiber recycling and have a quick investment return. So if you are looking for a durable and efficient baler for baling molded fiber, just contact SINOBALER team for the most suitable machine recommendation.

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