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Monofilament Nets Baler Machine

Monofilament nets is the netting which is made from a single filament string. This kind of netting has good features since it can work very well in clear water and in daylight hours. This is because fish will hit the monofilament better because they can’t see it as well. Although monofilament netting has its disadvantages compared to multifilament netting, many fishermen still prefer monofilament nets in the fishing industry. When there is large amount of monofilament nets, a monofilament nets baler is a good solution for easy handling and transporting.

Why you need to press monofilament nets?

Baling materials into a dense bale is a common size reduction solution for space saving and easy handling in transportation and storage. So it is a good idea to press monofilament nets if you really have a good amount of stock. The rectangular and high density monofilament nets bales are much convenient for further handling and they can save much cost in movement.

Choose a right monofilament nets baler

In order to find the most suitable monofilament nets baler for your case, you are required to answer the questions below?

– How many kilos of the monofilament nets you need to bale per day like under 8 working hours?

– Do you have specific requirement about bale size and bale weight?

For example, if your baling output requirement is only 200 kg to 500 kg per day, and you do not have special requirement about bale size and bale weight, we will recommend small size vertical baler for you. If your material maximize size is 50cm in diameter for 10 kg, then we may recommend our 30ton mill size baler to you for best consideration.

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