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MRF Baler Machine

What is MRF? 

A MRF, also called as materials recovery facility, is a place where people sort and separate the various different types of solid wastes, shred and bale the sorted wastes and then send the waste to re-processors and manufacturers for creating new products. The main function of the MRF is to maximize the quantity of recyclables processed so as to reduce the use of new raw materials. MRF typically includes sorting line, baler, shredder, various separation devices like magnetic separation, air classification etc. as well as various conveyors that connect the different machines with each other.

Why use MRF baler? 

Balers compress loose waste into dense and regular shaped bales. So it is easy to store and moved around the bales. Balers help increase the density of the waste materials so that the materials can be stored and transported with the highest cost efficiency through the maximization of volume in each load. Hence balers are must-have equipment for MRF.

The different types of MRF balers

There are many different types of balers available from horizontal to vertical, and small to big. Vertical balers are loaded from the front, are usually manually operated, and compress from the top down. Horizontal balers are loaded from the top by conveyor belt or forklift (allowing for larger quantities), compress from the side, and are usually fully automatic. MRF balers are usually horizontal balers which can handle large quantity of waste materials. There are manual tie and auto tie versions available. Both manual tie and auto tie horizontal balers are with top loading hopper, the difference is the tying system, one is manual, the other is fully automatic.

Buying MRF baler from SINOBALER

SINOBALER provides various MRF balers for handling all sorts of rubbish materials. We cover the full range of vertical and horizontal balers large or small and we can also customize machines to suit client’s specific requirements. If you are looking for a MRF baler, contact us for the optimal baling solution for your needs.

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