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Multi-chamber Baler Machine

What is a multi-chamber baler?

Multi-chamber baler features with its two or more chambers in one baling machine. You can sort and bale different kind of materials in two or more chambers. This type of baler is quite suitable for small quantity but different materials.


The type of multi-chamber balers in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has two type of multi-chamber balers. One is multi-chamber baler for different materials in different chambers. The other is swivel twin lifting chamber baler for textile baling purpose. These two type of multi-chamber balers are quite different in structure design.

  1. – Multi-chamber baler for different materials in two or more chambers

The press head of this kind of baler can easily move from this chamber to anther chamber. The number of chambers can be two or more. You can sort out different materials and put them into different chambers for baling. So it achieves sorting materials at the source and compacting different type of recyclable materials at the same time in one baler. This baler is quite simple and easy for operation and material feeding. It is ideal for small amount of different materials’ sorting and compacting purpose.

  1. – Swivel twin lifting chamber baler

Although swivel twin lifting chamber has two chambers, but the compressing plate can only move vertically instead of horizontally as above multi-chamber baler. When one chamber is in compressing, you can feed materials in the other chamber to fully make use of waiting time during the compression. That means it achieves compressing and material feeding at the same time. This lifting design of chamber baler is quite ideal for textile materials’ compacting purpose. Also you can bag the bale to pack the clothes or just keep them clean if you want. This baler is more efficient than single chamber lifting chamber baler which operator needs to wait when compressing plate goes down.


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