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Multi-material Balers Machine

More and more people, more and more garbage! All we know landfill is an easy solution but will be no longer the best solution for this planet. Recycling becomes the popular as it saves natural resources as well as environment friendly. There are many different waste materials and many popular waste materials already have their own recycling circle. In waste recycling, many size reduction machines are available to handle the size reduction and transportation task. Multi-material balers as well as shredders are typical ones.


Benefits from Multi-material balers

  1. – It is a good solution for waste volume reduction. So you can save benefits from storage space.
  2. – It saves your cost in transportation because the dense bales are easy to transport. More dense bales, more transportation cost saves.
  3. – Bale size and bale density can be tailored. Some materials bales can be sold directly in the market and it saves your packaging cost.


Multi-material balers in SINOBALER

We often receive inquiries from world-wide customers with multi materials baling purpose. The common materials that baler can process are cardboard and paper waste, plastic bottles, old clothes, plastic foam, plastic films, animal fabric, plant fabric, wood shavings, sawdust and tires etc. So SINOBALER can adapt the multi-material balers to suit different materials.

If you have the request of many materials baling purpose and your output requirement is low, our Mini Baler is your best choice. This multi-purpose baler is a versatile small-sized baling press machine. We have several standard such kind of multi-material balers models to suit your different output and bale size purpose. This mini baler is featured with small footprint and height. So it is an ideal option for limit space location like ship.

For middle size baling output requirement, our mill size baler is a good option. It is one of the most popular down stroke baler in SINOBALER.

For large amount of waste materials baling purpose, our fully automatic horizontal baler as well as twin-ram automatic baler will be your ideal baling solution. Twin-ram automatic baler is preferable for wide range waste materials baling. You can also choose steel wire or plastic strap for strapping purpose.


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