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New Baler For Sale

New baler is an investment. So cost and benefit analysis is what we should consider before making decision to purchase a new baler for sale. So here is the question about how to choose a new baler for your own specific baling requirement?


How to choose a new baler for sale in the market?


First, please identify your baling requirements in details and choose the right structure baler. Take OCC baling for example, if your want bale weight 50-80 kgs and hourly output is 0-500 kgs, we have so many kind of OCC balers to meet this baling requirement. But if you prefer manual tying option and have limited space for installation, we will recommend vertical OCC baler. Both 20 ton and 30 ton compressing vertical baler are ideal for choice. From cost effective point of view, we will choose 20 ton compressing pressure with larger compressing chamber size. So you can have lower motor power to low down the purchasing cost and save electricity cost during baler operation. Because higher motor power needs higher hydraulic level which costs high. In this case, identify your highest output is the key factor to decide the right baler model.

Second, identify the baler safety and quality. Although purchasing cost is key factor for decision, but safety and quality is also very important for a right investment. You should pay attention to baler manufacturer’s production experience in your baler model. So you can check if the framework design is reasonable and safe, check baler accessories quality and brand, and check every detail in processing technology.

Third, think about the after sales service including installation and maintenance. Some baler manufacturers only focus on cheap baler sales and it is very difficult to receive good service after sales. So if you purchase such kind of baler, you are in high risk in paying more later. Please make sure you know the baler warranty policy well before making a purchase. It is better if you purchase a baler with good reference and feedback from your local market.


New baler for sale in SINOBALER

Baler can help you to compress the materials into a dense and same volume bale. So these bales are very easy for storage and transportation. Also baler machine features easy operation and stable working. So it has a good market now. SINOBALER manufactures new balers based on customer orders and sometimes we will have some stock balers for quick delivery. We have very rich baler manufacturing experience and you can count on us. Contact SINOBALER now and find your most suitable new baler machine.


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