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Nylon Baler Machine

What is nylon? 

Nylon is a man-made synthetic fiber that is strong while light in weight. It is one of the most popular manmade fibers used in the world. Nylon is strong and elastic, also it dries rather quickly and remains its shape well after laundering. Nylon is resistant to heat, UV rays and chemicals and is easy to wash. All these attributes make nylon a popular material for making socks, swimwear, track pants, parachutes, active wear, life vests, umbrellas, luggage, windbreakers, draperies and bedspreads etc.

Why baling nylon fiber? 

A common characteristic of basically all fiber is that they are fluffy. It would be a great waste if transporting and storing nylon fiber without compression. A nylon baler can compress nylon fiber into dense, regular shaped and manageable bales. It can greatly reduce the volume of such fluffy material, facilitating logistics handling.

What’s the special feature of nylon fiber baler? 

Due to the application of nylon is mostly in the garment field, hence it is very necessary to keep the original nylon fiber as clean as possible for further process. Hence when choosing a nylon baler, you should priority consider one that enables you to wrap up the bale completely on all sides. Bale wrapping can effectively prevents the nylon fiber material compressed from getting stained or damp during the storage and transportation process. 

Nylon baler from SINOBALER 

SINOBALER’s lifting chamber baler and four door opening balers are good options for baling nylon fiber. Both series machines allow bale wrapping. There are various different sizes of models from small to big available for you to choose from. If our standard models cannot well meet your requirements, customization solution is also feasible to make the machine as per your specific needs. So contact us for the best suited nylon baler for your specific needs.

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