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Nylon Foil Scrap Baler Machine

Nylon foil is the good packaging material. During the production of nylon foil, there are some scraps and actually we could recycle and reuse them. Nylon foil scrap baler is the right machine to compress these loose and large amount of nylon foils scraps into dense bales for easy handling and transportation.


How to choose a right nylon foil scrap baler?

Nylon foil is a kind of soft plastic packaging material. So almost all the soft plastic balers are suitable to pack nylon foil into high density bales. Either vertical baler or horizontal baler is available for baling nylon foils. Whether you need a single ram baler or two ram baler, it depends on your bale density and baling capacity. Whether you need a manual baler, semi-automatic baler or even fully automatic baler, it depends on your financial budget, baling capacity and labor cost saving plan. Which baler is the best suitable for you? Normally you should consider your actual bale size, bale density, baling capacity, financial budget, and machine installation place. Of course, finding a professional baler manufacturer is also quite important to ensure your machine is in reliable quality and you can receive excellent after sales service.


Nylon foil scrap balers in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has wide baler options for nylon foil baling purpose. Our mini baler, mill size baler, heavy duty dual ram baler, manual-tie horizontal baler, single ram fully automatic baler, and L-type two ram automatic baler are all ideal balers to compress nylon foils into required density and size bales. Different balers have their own specifications and you can visit each baler individual webpages to know more details. Or you can download the catalog of each baler from our website at Of course, contact SINOBALER team is the easiest and direct way to get your answers quickly.


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