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Oil Drum Crusher

Oil drum is a cylindrical container for transporting or storing bulk goods especially oil and fuel. Normally it is made of steel or hard plastic. 55 gallon drum in the USA and 44 gallon drum in the UK are the popular capacity. Whatever steel drum or hard plastic drum scrap, they are both good recyclable and valuable material especially steel drums. Oil drum crusher is a good help in recycling these drum scraps.


Oil drum crusher in drum waste disposal

All we know oil drums occupy a lot of space and it is also not safe if you do not handle properly. So we should be careful in the drum waste disposal. How to handle the drum waste in a cost effective and safe manner? Oil drum crusher is a good size reduction solution for a safe disposal. This baler machine can crush big size drum into a flattened piece. In this method, it can reduce a lot space. Of course, you can also choose to shred drums into small pieces by a drum shredder and then compress the pieces into dense bales. Waste disposal always has different solutions for different recyclers.


Oil drum crushers in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has two type of oil drum crushers for options. One option is manual vertical drum crusher. You just need to tell us your oil drum size and we can choose the suitable baler model for you. This machine is quite easy to operate. You only need to put the drum into the chamber and then close the chamber door. The machine can flatten the drum into a piece. So this greatly save the space. The other option is automatic drum crusher. It has same compressing method as manual one. But it can achieve automatic feeding, compressing and transporting in one system. So it is much more efficient when you have a larger needs.

Contact SINOBALER today to find your own drum crushing solution. Our expert team can help to make your waste disposal in a more cost effective and efficient way.