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Oil Palm Mesocarp Fiber Baler Machine

OPMF is short for oil palm mesocarp fiber which consists of fruit fiber, crushed kernels and shells. It is also popular as PPF which is short for palm pressed fiber. Actually it is the biomass residue which can be gained after pressing the palm fruits for palm oil extraction. There are many benefits to have better solutions for oil palm mesocarp fiber instead of simply becoming a biomass waste. Recycling and turning it into useful things is the ideal way to go. Oil palm mesocarp fiber baler as a good size reduction machine helps to make the whole recycling easier and cost effective.

Recycling benefits of oil palm mesocarp fiber

There are many continents in the world where oil palm is grown. For example, Asia, Africa, North America and South America. But majority of palm oil is produced and exported from Malaysia and Indonesia. You have many good reasons to recycle oil palm mesocarp fiber, because there are so many useful solutions after recycling. For example, mulch, compost, heat and power, solid, liquid and gas bio-fuels, MDF, plywood, fibremats, bio-char and activated carbons etc.. Can you imagine that recycling 7.69 million tons of oil palm mesocarp fiber in Malaysia in 2014 can bring how much economical benefits and create how many new jobs? It is more than we can expect.

Oil Palm Mesocarp Fiber baler in OPMF Recycling

So there is huge potential to fully utilize the oil palm mesocarp fiber. Of course, we already have some successful efforts especially in energy and fertilizer applications. But we still have long way to go for more potential solutions. Recycling is the ideal way to achieve optimal value addition and zero waste. Baling is the important step to reduce the volume of oil palm mesocarp fiber during the storage and transportation. SINOBALER have a full line of oil palm mesocarp fiber baler machines to suit different your baling capacity level. Generally speaking, fully automatic horizontal baler is the best popular baling press machine from our past experience. Contact SINOBALER team for professional baler advices.

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