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Packing Baler Machine

Packing aims to protect products for easy transportation, storage, resale or end use. Actually a large quantity of recycling materials are all kinds of packages like steel, aluminum, cardboard or paper, plastics etc. Packaging machinery covers a wide range of machines for different packing functions and solutions. A packing baler machine is a machine that helps to compress large quantity or loose materials into dense bales for easy handling and cost savings during transportation and storage.


Packing baler machines

Packaging line automation is the trend and future. Different material packaging has different solutions when designing the packaging line. Cleaning, drying, shredding or crushing, baling, sealing, printing, as well as marking, are frequently used in many automation line. You can see packing is not an easy job anymore in nowadays.

Packing baler machines covers many materials packing baling machines. For example, used clothes baler, wood shavings baler and sawdust baler are all typical packing baler machines. Corncob packing baler is also popular. These baler machines can achieve both baling and bagging functions in one machine. So it is a valuable investment if you have such packing demand.


Packing baler machines in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has several kind of packing baler machines for different materials and baling requirements options. Take textile waste packing for example, we have single chamber lifting chamber baler, swivel twin lifting chamber baler, vertical baling and bagging machine, scale weighing baling and bagging machine and heavy duty baling and bagging machine for your packing options. All of them can compress the textile like used clothes into dense bales and bag the textile into a packaging bag like plastic bag. If your materials are some loose materials like wood shavings or sawdust, both vertical and horizontal baling and bagging machine are good choices.

Anyhow you can purchase a standard equipment from us. Or you can check with us for a custom-tailored specific equipment. Just contact SINOBALER for your own packing requirements.