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Paint Drum Crusher

There are basically two major types of paint packaging, plastic and tin-plated steel can. Both types of packaging are recyclable. And today we will focus on the recycling of steel paint drums as well as related paint drum crusher machines.

The mostly used paint container is tin-plated steel can. The thin layer of tinplating provides resistance to corrosion; whilst the steel provides the strength of support during transportation and storage.

Why should we recycle used steel paint drums?

Steel is the most recycled material in the world. It won’t downgrade during the recycling process. And with the use of magnets in the sorting step, it is easy to separate steel waste from the mixed waste stream. Recycling steel saves 75 percent of the energy that would be available to manufacture new steel from raw materials. So it is a good idea to recycle used steel paint cans.

How scrap paint cans are recycled?

– recyclers collect the metal scrap and transport the waste to specialized recycling facilities
– steel scrap are sorted from the mixed waste
shredder machines shred the steel waste into smaller pieces.
– furnaces melt down the shredded steel pieces
– the melted steel are cooled down and solidified into steel bars
– the steel bars are sent to various factories for making new steel products

Why should we use paint drum crusher machine in metal paint cans’ recycling?

Paint cans are typically in cylindrical shape and take quite a bit of space. Once emptied, they are inefficient to store and transport. This is why you need a crusher machine to flatten the emptied paint containers. Because the drum crusher machines utilize hydraulic pressure to flatten almost any kind of metal containers. The size compaction ratio can be 10:1 or even more, this means great space saving. Once the drums are crushed, the scrap metal is then typically recycled.


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