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Palm Fiber Baler Machine

Palm fiber is also popular as oil palm empty fruit bunch fiber(long EFB fiber). Because it is from the oil palm’s vascular bundles in the empty fruit bunch (EFB). It is in low cost and low moisture content. Also it is non-carcinogenic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Normally it can have excellent year-round availability, no species variations, no health hazards, no traceable HCN compound, no toxic elements and contains lignin which acts a binder in compressed materials. Palm fiber baler is a kind of baling press machine which can suit the baling requirements from palm fibers. So it is a good and necessary size reduction machine before you prepare for selling the oil palm fiber.

Palm fiber applications

Palm fiber is a good substitute to coconut fiber. So it has wide applications in mattress and cushion production, carpet and mats, molded wares and composite material production, brooms and brushes, medium density fiberboard manufacturing, filtering material in drainage industry, paper and pulp production, cushioning for upholstery and dashboard in the card industry, acoustics control, compost and fertilizer, hawsers, ropes, and cords etc.

What are the benefits of baling palm fiber?

Palm fiber are sold in uniformity bales for easy transportation and handling. Baling palm fiber saves you a lot in transportation cost and packing cost for palm fiber. Long, clean and fine oil palm fiber bales have good market. Different level of tons have varied price in the market. For example, you need to pay USD350/ton if you only purchase 10-299 tons in one order. However, you can have decreased price of USD189/ton if you purchase more than 300 tons in one order.

SINOBALER palm fiber baler

SINOBALER has many models of balers for your palm fiber baling purpose. From vertical to horizontal, manual to automatic, you can always find a suitable oil palm fiber baling machine in our wide baler product range. Also all of these palm fiber balers produce dense bales and are easy to operate. So contact SINOBALER today to tailor the right machine for your own palm fiber baling requirements.

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