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Paper Balers For Sale

Scrap paper price is an important factor to domestic paper balers selling. When there is a huge scrap paper price increase, it can stimulate scrap paper baling business. Then there will be a big paper baler demand in the market. Of course, paper balers for sale cannot meet the immediate increase for new balers. So all the baler manufacturers are busy with the production.


What affects the price of scrap paper in domestic market?

From July 22nd to 23rd, 2018, paper mills began to raise the price of waste paper by RMB50-150 / ton. The participating paper mills include Dongguan Shuangzhou Paper, Dongguan Lee & Man Paper, and Anhui Shanying Paper. Since China prohibits the scrap paper import, domestic scrap paper price is increased a lot. According to the analysis of current market information, people are not confident in the price recovery. Main reasons are three as below:

First,  due to the industry upgrading, the uncertainty has increased. Also the downstream market has become a huge obstacle.

Second, domestic scrap paper is still at a high price level.

Third, if scrap paper price keeps increasing, it is very likely paper mills will seek new raw materials replacement. Or top paper mills will move the production to other countries. For example, on July 17th, 2018, Sun Paper announced that they plan to invest 673 million US dollars to increase its overseas wholly-owned subsidiary Laos Company for the construction of 1.2 million tons of papermaking projects in Laos.


Paper balers for sale in SINOBALER

Huge amount of scrap paper delivery is a headache for all recyclers. Thanks to the paper baler. This machine can bale the scrap paper into dense bales for easy transportation and cost saving in handling. SINOBALER has a complete line of paper balers for sale to suit different paper baling purpose. Mini baler, mill size baler, manual-tie horizontal baler, single-ram fully automatic baler and even L-type two-ram fully automatic horizontal baler are all available for your wide selection. Just contact SINOBALER today to find your right paper balers.


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