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Paper Compactor

Waste paper is in huge amount. So there are many middleman in the market to collect and resell these waste paper for a good price. Normally these waste paper are presented as paper bales. Because waste paper bales are much easier in storage and transportation. This is why waste paper compactor is so popular in the worldwide.


Waste paper bales market

High quality waste paper is very popular in the paper recycling world. The type of these scrap paper bales can be OCC, OMG, ONP, OINP, magazine, sorted office paper, waste yellow pages telephone directories, waste newsprint paper, mixed paper, A3 or A4 waste paper. Of course the bale size and bale weight can be tailored. But the main determination of bale size and weight depends on how to maximize the loading tons of paper waste in truck or container. For example, there are 22/23 tons paper waste in 40 Feet container. That means 36 bales are in each container. In addition, the paper bale can be in mixed or not mixed paper waste.


Waste paper compactor in scrap paper recycling

Waste paper compactor is a size reduction machine which can compress paper scrap into dense bales for easy storage and transportation. This machine use hydraulic driven system to compress materials. So higher compressing pressure makes higher density bales. Different bale size and bale weight can beĀ available based on specific requirements. This waste paper compactor can also work with industrial paper shredder for more efficient work in whole paper recycling process. The shredded paper waste can have higher density paper bales.


Waste paper compactor machine in SINOBALER

SINOBALER manufactures many kinds of waste paper compactors for your different options. From vertical mill size paper baler to fully automatic horizontal baler, you can always find a right size paper baler for your own baling requirements. Or simply you can send us an inquiry for a direct recommendation from our professional baler team.


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