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Paperboard Baler Machine / Paperboard Baling Press

Paperboard is paper-based material which is thicker than normal paper. It is lightweight and easily to be cut and formed, but it is also strong. So it is widely used in packaging together with cardboard. Paperboard is also a good recyclable material. In paperboard recycling, many recycling machines like paperboard baler machine are available to make whole recycling efficient and cost saving.


What is the difference between paperboard and cardboard?

Paperboard and cardboard are both in the paper family. But they are not exact same thing.

Paperboard is a simple layer paper-based material. Many foods packaging use paperboard. You can see it from the paperboard boxes for crackers, pizza, and cereal etc.

Cardboard normally has double or wavy layer. It is thicker than paperboard and more suitable for packing some fragile products. For example, if you want to pack electronics item, cardboard box is preferable.


Paperboard recycling and paperboard baler machine

Since paperboard is the most frequent packaging materials and it is widely used in many different industries, you can image how many paperboard scrap people can create. It is very easy to see that landfill is not the good idea both from environment and economy. Clean and dry paperboard is recyclable. One hundred percent recycled paperboard is a high quality product and it is popular in packaging and other consumer or industrial products. They are made from recovered paper collected. Paperboard recycling makes sense and is one of the most popular materials in waste recycling world.

Paperboard baler machine is ideal to compress large amount of paperboard scrap into tight bales for easy transportation and storage. It helps to save transportation cost and enhance the recycling efficiency. SINOBALER as the China baler manufacturer pioneer, provides many paperboard balers for your different baling purposes. Vertical paperboard baler or horizontal paperboard baler, manual paperboard baler or fully automatic paperboard baler, you decide!


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