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PE Film Baler in Polyethylene Film Recycling

What is Polyethylene film?

In today’s competitive marketplace, packages manufacturers are under increasing pressure to satisfy varied. Plastic film, in many instances, has allowed manufacturers to meet varied marketplace demand by enabling them to do more with less. Plastic bags and plastic wraps make up the category “plastic film”. This includes everything from grocery and bread bags to shrink wrap and paper towel film. Plastic film is typically defined as any plastic less than 10 mil thick. The majority of plastic films are made from polyethylene resin and are readily recyclable if the material is clean and dry. Additionally, Polyethylene film or PE film is frequently thermoformed and manufactured into plastic bottles, medical packaging and other packaging applications. Some recycling machines like PE film baler or PE film shredder can help in whole polyethylene film recycling.

There are four type of regular polyethylene as below:

    1. – LDPE: it is low density polyethylene and widely available in bags(e.g. thicker newspaper bags, bread bags) and buddle wrap(may also contain nylon).
    2. – LLDPE: it is linear low density polyethylene and widely available in bags(e.g. clear and thin newspaper bags) and dry cleaning film.
    3. – MDPE: it is medium density polyethylene and widely available in consumer paper packaging.
    4. – HDPE: it is high density polyethylene and widely available in shopping bag in grocery or supermarket.

Why we need to recycle polyethylene film waste?

Previously or even now, landfilling is still the method used most often to handle polyethylene film waste. When plastic film reaches the landfill, it is not a good material of compost and does not present environmental problems. 

How to recycle polyethylene film waste?

Now there appears to be a growing interest in recycling plastic film for better resource conservation. Most clean and dry plastic films and bags are 100% recyclable at participating retail and local drop off locations. Plastic bags are recycled into many different products. Most bags and film are turned into composite lumber, but they can be reprocessed into small pellets or post consumer resin, which can be used to make a variety of new products, such as new bags, pallets, containers, crates, and pipe.

If the plastic is colored, it can still be recycling. If plastic has labels or tape, please remove them before recycling.

Use PE film baler and PE film shredder to help polyethylene film recycling

PE film baler, also popular as polyethylene film baling machine or PE film compactor, is ideal to compress large amount of PE film waste into square and dense bale for easy transportation. This PE film baler can save a lot of space in storage or even landfill.

PE film shredder, also popular as polyethylene film shredding machine or PE film crusher, is ideal to shred large pieces of polyethylene film into small pieces which makes the following process easier.


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