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Peat Moss Baler Machine

Peat moss is made up of decomposed organic material salvaged from peat bogs. As one of the most valuable raw material and soil improver, it makes an excellent soil amendment to potting mix and garden soil, and mounds of peat moss can even serve as hydroponic growing media. So bagged peat moss in bales have good selling in the market. Peat moss baler does this bagging job here.

What is a peat moss baler?

Peat moss baler is a baling press machine which can compress loose peat moss into a compact form and then bag the bale to a plastic bag. Then you can use a sealing machine to close the bag. Using peat moss bagging baler can pack peat moss into bags of different sizes and then produce different bale weight per your requirements.

Peat moss balers in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has three type of peat moss baling press machines: scale weighing horizontal bagging baler, vertical baling and bagging machine, and heavy duty horizontal baling and bagging machine. Scale weighing bagging baler focuses on producing small bales with desired weight. The in-built scale can control bale weight per your requirement. It is an ideal option to go if you want to produce same weight bales for the direct selling in the market. Vertical baling and bagging machine features with vertical type. Compared with horizontal bagging machine, it only occupy small footprint and it is an ideal choice for space limited facility. Heavy duty horizontal baling and bagging machine is popular for the facilities who produce a large amount of loose materials in small pieces. It can achieve operations running automatically because it can automatically compress, eject and bag the materials.

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