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PET Bottle Baling Machine

Don’t store PET Bottles – Reuse them by a PET Bottle Baling Machine

PET which stands for polyethylene terephthalate. This is also known as PETE. This is the one which is available in every industry more or less. They use it for packaging, decoration, temporary field and much more. Among all of them, PET bottles are vastly use items. This is proved as a very good container as well as industrial friendly because it is easy to receive, manufacture, stored and destroy the material and for this huge use of polyethylene left behind a big amount of wastage. Consumers throw out the plastic bottles after use them. And recycled industries collect those used bottles and recycle them to reuse. But the problems arise when they have to store them because this is a very light material and these need a huge space to be stored. This universal problem can be solved with the help of PET bottle baling machine.

PET Bottle Baler needs for post consume:

Waste polyethylene is everywhere because of consumer’s negligence or for an absence of right tools. We rarely found any baler near any shop or restaurants which can help to compress the bottles easily.

For its recycling facility, these materials are collected from consumer and domestic belts and send them to recycle. But carrying such huge numbers of bottles cost more than its profit. So, needs of the PET bottle baling machine can be feeling.

If you want to crush the bottle without the baler you must introduce a large number of man powers and after all these, there is no surety of work because manpower cannot crush bottles in the same size and in less time as the PET bottle baling press machine.

Advantages of PET Bottle Baler:

– Landfill: One use of PET bottle is to landfill. After collecting PET, they are sent to sort. After sorting the bottles delivered to baler to cut into small pieces and these pieces are used for landfill.

– Recycled goods: used PET bottles soak molecules of contained products and it is quite impossible to avoid.  So the used bottles send for manufacture some other items like carpet, craft products, tent, toys etc.

– New uses of PET: besides some historical uses the crushed PET is also got to use in making of the building, boats, artificial drains, solar water disinfection etc.


PET bottle baling machines are ideal to crush and combine the PET items which can help to make space and lower the muscle energy. This is a very simple technology with the user friendly operation. More of it, when you will go for set up the baler machine, our sales person and technicians will train you about the operation. This PET bottle baling machine requires very minimum maintenance. After feeding the baler with PET bottles you don’t need to worry about its compressing and binding if it is an automatic PET bottle baling machine.

This PET bottle baling press machine can be available for domestic purposes as well as commercial sector too. Keeping clear and full of space at your premises it will also take care of your money by resizing huge amount of bottles in a small space. Balers can be available in every size with different cutting style. So, contact us and choose the ideal PET Bottle baling machine for you.


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