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PET Bottle Waste And Its Threat

While people are using more and more plastic products, plastic waste is just like tidal water flowing into all aspects of our life. In 2015, more than 3 million tons of plastic products were produced in the world, of which 28% came from China. Disposable plastic bottles are one of the most urgent plastic pollution to deal with at present. Every minute, one million plastic bottles are sold around the world. In 2014, 530 billion PET plastic bottles were produced in the world, and it is expected that this number will increase at a rate of 4.7% per year. So we can image how the world will be if there is no plastic recycling solution. PET bottle baling press machine can faciliate PET bottle recycling line with efficiency.


PET bottle waste status

Plastic waste has grown rapidly in China. It is already over 32 million tons in 2013. A large number of plastic wastes occupy and pollute our living environment through landfills and incineration. Hence the plastic waste into the sea has become a huge threat. As the world’s largest soft drink company, Coca-Cola produces over 110 billion plastic bottles every year. And nearly 60% of its global packaging is disposable plastic bottles.

The global ocean environment is under unprecedented pressure. Plastic pollution as well as climate change, is seriously threatening the environment of human survival. Even in the cold winter days, people’s enthusiasm for soft drinks are still not low. The hot sale of many hot pot shops is the fact. In the past 7 years, Coca-Cola’s one-off plastic bottle packaging has increased by 12%, while reusable glass bottles have dropped by 1/3. This is a dangerous trend. Global plastics crisis, just like climate change, endangers the global environment as well as human survival. It is irresponsible to increase the production and use of disposable plastic packagings.

In 2010, up to 4.8-12.7 million tons of plastic waste finally flow into the ocean. That means there is a truck load of plastic waste to the ocean each minute. At the same time there are 3400 new Coca-Cola plastic bottles waste each second. According to the forecast, double plastic production will be in the next 20 years and triple plastic production about 318 million tons will be by year 2050. Plastic pollution is eroding the ocean in a high speed and irreversible way. According to a 21-cities 2017 survey in China, plastic bottles and caps was the fifth ranking garbage in China’s Beach garbage. So the future of the ocean will be bleak if we do not act immediately to end disposable plastic.


Why it is necessary to recycle PET bottle waste?

In China, the Changjiang River already dumped about 330 thousand tons of plastic waste to the East China Sea each year. It is one of the largest pollution sources of plastic waste rivers in the world. PET plastic bottles and caps are one of the most common items. This kind of pollution is not only unwatchable, but it also causes serious damage to our marine environment.

Because of the difficulty of degradation, we have 5 trillion plastic fragments in the ocean today. It is enough to surround the earth for more than 400 circles. A large number of plastic bottles are discarded after use and eventually into the ocean. And plastic beverage bottles are one of the main sources of marine plastic pollution. Around the world, 86% of the plastics are not fully recycled. The plastic waste caused hundreds of thousands of marine animals to die each year. We can found plastic fragments in the fish. 90% of the seabirds have eaten plastic. Finally the plastic waste will be into our drinking water and even food table in the form of micro plastic, plastic debris and other forms in the food chain. In the end, this affects human health.


PET bottle baling press machine in PET bottle recycling line

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