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PET Bottle Pressing Machine

PET is a common materials for making packaging products such as PET bottles and containers. PET bottles are widely available for packaging a lot of food products and other consumer goods. Every day we have so many empty PET bottles after use and these becomes PET bottle waste. So PET bottle recycling is necessary for both economy and environment. As a size reduction machine, PET bottle pressing machine is an important compacting machine in whole PET bottle recycling process.


PET bottle pressing machines

PET bottle pressing machine can be vertical baler or horizontal baler. Both vertical PET bottle baler and horizontal PET bottle baler are ideal to compress hollow PET bottles into dense bales for easy handling, transportation and storage. Below are some baler features for your better understanding about PET bottle pressing machine.

If it is a vertical PET bottle pressing machine, normally it is a long stroke baler. Because the long stroke can make sure hollow PET bottles are fully compacted. Also since PET bottles always have some water, liquid drainage tray design is to collect and drain out the residual liquid in the containers. So this feature keeps recycling area neater and safer.

If it is a horizontal PET bottle pressing machine, you can have some options to improve your baling efficiency. For example, you can have automatic feeding conveyor to help feed PET bottles scrap automatically. You can have de-jamming cylinder to push down the stuck material to enable the main cylinder to go through. You can have fluffer for shredding and fluffing thick material. Of course, the horizontal type PET bottle pressing machine has much higher baling output than vertical type machine.


PET bottle pressing machine in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has several popular PET bottle pressing machines. Vertical long stroke baler is a typical vertical baler especially for hollow containers like PET bottles. Manual-tie horizontal baler is a closed end baler for medium size baling output purpose. If your PET bottle hourly baling output is greater than 2.5 tons, our fully automatic horizontal baler is your ideal option. Just give us a call or send us an email. Your will get our professional service or guidance within 24 hours.


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