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PET Juice Bottle Baler Machine

PET juice bottle scrap recycling

When empty PET juice bottles are discarded, they become post-consumer PET waste. Each year, we have huge amount of such waste worldwide. If they are not improper disposed of, white pollution will be there. Luckily juice bottles made of PET can be recycled after a complete processing line. So the recycled articles can be used to manufacture new juice bottles or container, other packaging products, or even fiber applications such as carpet. Separation, sorting, shredding, washing, and drying are main processes in whole PET juice recycling line. Also each process has supporting equipment to improve the efficiency or make the job done easily. Then final PET flakes are raw materials to produce new PET products.

PET juice bottle baler in PET juice bottle recycling

Before delivering to PET juice bottle recycling facility, how to make the transportation in a cost effective and easy way? This is why you need a PET juice bottle baler. This machine can compress hollow bottles into high density bales, so it greatly reduce the transportation cost.

PET juice bottle balers in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has versatile balers for baling PET juice bottles. Vertical long stroke baler, manual-tie horizontal baler and fully automatic horizontal baler are all suitable to bale PET juice bottles. ┬áSome design is especially for the full compaction of such hollow products, for example long stroke design. Different type of PET juice bottle baler has different capacity and the cost of them are quite different. To find your best suitable baler, it is better to tell us your exact baling capacity requirement and your estimated capacity development. Then we will tailor your needs and recommend the most suitable baler for you based on your capacity and financial budget. SINOBALER team always analyze each customer’s baling requirement case by case. Contact us today!

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