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PET Press Machine

PET is short for polyethylene terephthalate. It is widely used in fibers for clothing, containers for food and liquids, combination with glass fiber for engineering resigns, and thermforming for manufacturing purpose. Synthetic fiber almost accounts for more than 60% in PET production. Plastic bottles is the second which accounts for about 30% of the demand. You should know PET is totally recyclable. We cannot let these huge PET scrap go to landfill directly. But here is the question? How to handle or recycle these PET scrap? Many recycling machines are your good solutions. For example, PET press machine is a well size reduction machine during PET recycling.


PET recycling

PET is commonly recycled. Synthetic fiber or PET bottles are both good for recycling. But they are totally different in whole recycling. Take PET bottles for example, the process can be quite different. This is because the processes to make PET bottle flakes from collected bottles are as versatile as the different waste streams are different in their composition and quality. But we can still find some processes in common as below:

  1. – People always prefer to bale PET materials into dense bales for easy transportation. So PET press machine is a necessary size reduction machine in this process.
  2. – Sorting and selection. People┬ánormally pick out PVC, film, paper, glass, sand, soil, stones and metals through sorting and selection line.
  3. – Washing the materials through a washer.
  4. – Shredding or grinding the materials into small particles.


PET press machine in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has several PET press machines especially for your different pressing needs. Take PET bottle pressing for example, you can choose our mini baler, long stroke baler, manual-tie horizontal baler or even fully automatic baler. For synthetic fiber, you can choose lifting chamber baler, swivel twin lifting chamber baler, manual-tie horizontal baler or two-ram fully automatic baler. Different baler is suitable for different baling output purpose. Contact SINOBALER team today!


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