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PET Scrap Baler

PET or PETE is a technical name of our daily used product polyethylene. It also has a scientific name Polyethylene terephthalate. The name can be less known to us but it has multiple uses of our life.  In domestic needs as well as in commercial use, his product becomes very famous since a long time. If you check your surround you always can find one or two PET product because the use of this product has spread vastly almost in every area of packaging, the food contains, utensils, decoration and much more. PET scrap baler is a baling machine used to compress large amount of PET scrap into tight bale for easy storage and transportation. Whenever you are looking for a relief from your PET wastage, you have to bring this PET scrap baling machine.

Advantage of using PET scrap baler

To take care of PET items after use is an easy job with the help of PET scrap baler. If you ever think why you should have this machine, you can find the followings:

  1. – Sort a huge amount of PET waste. PET scrap baler can compress a large number of PET scraps like PET bottles into small sized square bale within some minutes. These square and dense bales are easy to storage. And it is also easy to move to recycling facility by truck or container. The baling machine needs very less maintenance and simple training to operate.
  2. – Recycling of the PET. To meet a shortage of PET products and to lower the manufacturing cost, PET scrap baler is your good solution. This PET baling press machine will help you to make their equal and small sizes as you desire and use them in a different way like to reuse them to make PET products, landfills, toy manufacturing, home utensils, packaging etc.
  3. – Cutting down cost. The use of PET scrap baler can definitely lower your manpower and keep your premises wastage free. You can save your manpower, storage cost and transportation cost.

There are much more ways to find profit from this machine and it will let you make money from the selling of recycled PET products. So, if you are living in that necessity of having a PET scrap baler, ask SINOBALER for help. Our professional Sales representative will help you to choose the most suitable PET scrap baler and also demonstrate the operation of the machine. So, go and get the advantages.


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