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Pine Shavings Baler Machine

Pine shavings or pine wood shavings are popular pet bedding materials. Because they are soft and smell nice. Also they have some natural insecticidal properties. For example, they can kill or repel bugs like lice. But still people are looking at more options about animal bedding. This is because the cost of pine shavings is increasing and the logistics of transporting them is also not easy. Here pine shavings baler machine is a good solution to solve it.


The properties of pine shavings as good bedding material

Pine wood shavings are soft, lightweight and compressible. It is highly absorbent, so it can dry rapidly. From the cost of point of view, it is inexpensive and can be used as fertiliser as well. It can absorbs moisture and dilutes excreta.


The functions of pine shavings baler or pine wood shavings baler machines

Pine shavings baler aims to use hydraulic pressure to compress loose and light weight pine wood shavings into a compressed bales. You can also bag the pine wood shavings bale into a plastic bag at the bale exit. So it is very easy to achieve both baling and bagging functions in one machine. Also you can get a confirmed bale weight by using a scale function. So bale size and bale weight are fully under your control. The bagged dense bales are easy for transportation, storage and direct sale.


Pine shavings baler machine in SINOBALER

SINOBALER has three kind of baler machines especially suitable for baling and bagging pine wood shavings. Both vertical baling and bagging machines are available for this kind of loose materials. Vertical baling and bagging machine is suitable for the limited installation space. For horizontal baling and bagging machine, you can choose either scale weighing baling and bagging machine or common type heavy duty baling and bagging machine. If your baling output requirement is high, heavy duty baling and bagging machine is the ideal option. If you need a scale function to achieve same bale weight, scale weighing baling and bagging machine is the right way to go.


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