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Pine Straw Baler Machine

What is pine straw? It is easy to know pine straw comes from the pine tree. When the needles drop to the ground throughout the year, it is ideal to rake, clean and bale them. Pine straw baler is your right machine in baling process. Different region may have different type of pine straw. Also the pine straw type, bale size and application depth can determine the coverage.

What’s the application of pine straw ?

Unlike the other trees, we can get the pine straw without cutting down or harming the pine tree itself. This is why pine straw can be a quite environmentally friendly and practical solution for landscaping and mulching material. So the most popular and common use of pine straw is decorative and applications in gardens, trees and shrubs. You can find some crafts which are made from pine straw on the market and here pine straw is a kind of good decoration material. Also pine straw is a quite good natural garden mulch. Because it can prevent the water in the solid from evaporating and reduce the growth of the weed. In the culture of traditional Chinese medicine, the pine straw is also a kind of effective medicine. It can lower the blood pressure and blood lipid and it also can improve sleep.

What is pine straw baler?

Pine straw baler is the baling press machine for compressing the pine straw and packing or bundling them for storing, transporting, space-saving, etc. There are different kind of pine straw balers in real world. We can found wooden box balers, mobile square balers, round balers and different design hydraulic balers.

In SINOBALER product range, either vertical baler or horizontal baler is available for baling pine straw into high density bales. The vertical type of baling machines normally are operated manually. The processes such as feeding, tying, bale ejecting are all manually operated. Some of the horizontal type pine straw balers are fully automatic and some are semi-automatic. Conveyors are quite popular for those large capacity baler for auto feeding. Generally speaking, the horizontal type of pine straw baler is more efficient than the vertical type. Some horizontal type of pine straw balers even have the function of bagging the pine straw with plastic bags.

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