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Pineapple Leaf Fiber Baler Machine

What is pineapple leaf fiber?

Pineapple is chiefly cultivated in coastal and tropical regions such as India and Malaysia. It is mainly for its fruits purpose. Tons of pineapple leaf fibers are produced each year, but only very small portions are being used in feedstock and energy production. Luckily, the expansion of biocomposites promotes the non-food based market for pineapple leaf fiber. It is white in color, smooth and glossy as silk, medium length fiber with high tensile strength. Also it has a softer surface than other natural fiber and it can absorb and maintains a good color.

Baling pineapple leaf fiber

Compressing pineapple leaf fiber into dense bales through a baler can greatly reduce the storage space and transportation cost. Various vertical balers and horizontal balers are available for options to bale pineapple leaf fiber. From mini vertical baler to fully automatic horizontal baler, you can always choose a right baler based on your estimated baling capacity.

Pineapple leaf fiber baler in SINOBALER

If you are looking for a bale compressor in your processing fiber plant or any other facilities, SINOBALER is always at service to provide the most suitable and cost-effective baler for your baling requirement. We have a complete line of baling press machines to suit various kind of materials with different level baling capacity. For baling pineapple leaf fiber, you can select the right size machine from mini baler, mill size baler, heavy duty dual ram baler, manual-tie horizontal baler, single-ram automatic horizontal baler, and even L-type two ram automatic horizontal baler. If you want to wrap the bale with a bag, you can choose the right size machine from lifting chamber baler, swivel twin chamber baler, vertical bagging baler, scale weighing bagging baler and heavy duty bagging baler. So contact SINOBALER today to find your ideal baling machine for pineapple leaf fiber.

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