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Pit Baler Machine

What is pit baler or pit baling press machine?

Either baler or baling system aims to find ideal baling solutions for all kinds of materials with different shapes, density and capacity requirements. Of course, the facility is also an important factor to decide which baler is suitable. Pit baler or pit baling press machine is a kind of baler which compressing box can be working underground. That means you need to dig a pit for compressing box and whole compressing process can be worked underground. The pressing box can be fixed or mobile. So each baler has its own pit size requirement. Also pit baling press machine is popular in baling soft materials such as rags, second hand clothes, natural and synthetic textile fiber etc.

Pit baler vs Common hydraulic baler

Pit baler has many features same as common hydraulic baler. Generally speaking, they share same working principle and the main structure design is similar. They are designed for the production of bales for easy transportation and internal management. The compressing is in vertical direction and both single and double pressing box are optional. Cross strapping makes bales are tighter and tidier. Also either plastic bags or sheets can be used as the wrapping material, protecting the textile material from getting damp or stained.

Of course, pit baling press machine has its own advantages and disadvantages compared to common hydraulic baler. For example, you need to dig a pit before baler installation. Most customers do not prefer to do that because it cost extra and also destroy the ground. But for some facility without enough height for common hydraulic baler, a pit baling press machine is a good option. Also for material feeding, a pit baling press machine is easier especially for large quantity materials. Because it is easier for automatic feeding. Since pit baling press machine has easy access to the bale, an automatic bales uploader is more efficient after bale exit.

SINOBALER manufactures a wide range of hydraulic balers which cover different kinds of vertical and horizontal balers. Right now pit baler is not in our standard baler product range since it has some restrictions from customers and internal testing. But we offers better baling solutions if you have any baling requirements. Contact SINOBALER today!

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